After a historic world premiere at two of the State of Oklahoma's premiere theaters, the Pryor Rendering creative team is seeking an opportunity to further the development of this new work through a workshop or sponsored reading, with an eye toward a featured production. This show is a wonderful addition to any season, particularly for a theatre whose audience is interested in historical family drama, questions of faith, and coming of age stories or LGBTQ themes.


Based on the acclaimed novel by Gary Reed, Pryor Rendering is the coming of age story of Charlie Hope, born on a pool table in his grandfather's barn in Pryor, Oklahoma, in the 1960s. We meet Charlie at age 12, as he's trying to connect with Chick, his alcoholic grandfather and sole adult father figure. He also longs for a relationship with his mother Ida, who inexplicably nurtures an ardent devotion to Jesus, which isolates and excludes her only child. By the age of 17, Charlie is resigned to his alienation when he begins a complex relationship with Dewar, a tough kid who lives in the local home for orphaned boys. Charlie must learn to free himself from the demons of his Pryor past, take off for a better life, and find his emotional and spiritual home in the most unlikely and ironic of places.


Pryor Rendering attempts to explore the thorny relationship between being LGBTQ, family, and faith. Queer teens still face endless difficulties becoming their authentic selves, and quite often this is complicated by their familial relationship to the church and faith. Pryor Rendering tells the story of a family who refused to give up on one another, even when their paths seem irreparably divergent from one another. Seeing this story firsthand on stage can change lives by fostering tolerance, understanding, and an appreciation for all forms of love.


Gary Reed is the Oklahoma born author of the novel, Pryor Rendering, and contributing author to the Lambda Literary Award winning anthology, The Man I Might Become. He lives in New York City and is the executive assistant to the president of The Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation that aims to promote a high performing health care system by supporting independent research on health care issues and making grants to improve health care practice and policy.