Samplings of reviews from the World Premiere

"Oklahoma City hosts the worldwide premier of 'Pryor Rendering' thrilling their audience. As a musical, 'Pryor Rendering' displays a depth of emotion through the beautiful lyrics and haunting voices using a very talented cast to tell a sad story of loving and lovelessness. "

"The distinction of this musical is that it shows that homosexuality does not make a person fundamentally different. His dreams are the same as any young man and, like everyone else, he cannot escape his fate."

Elizabeth Hurd, The Oklahoman
The Gayly

"Most of all, Pryor Rendering is a story of hope and the human experience."

"...easy to be transported to a bar in small-town USA, accompanied by the folk sounds of Frank Schiro's music and lyrics and the recognizable slang of Shawn Churchman's libretto."

"Based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by Gary Reed, this brilliant new musical is about love, hope, and self-discovery..."

James Watts, the Tulsa World

"An intriguing, picaresque coming-of-age story that featured Schiro's nicely varied score." 

"Stacey Logan as Ida, Charlie’s distant mother, embodies this highly divided woman perfectly. When she speaks, Logan makes Ida so inwardly focused it’s as if there is a black hole inside her and she’s collapsing in on herself. Yet when she sings, Logan unleashes a powerful and powerfully expressive voice, whether in 'The Tale of Garl Hope', which becomes an ecstatic aria, or the heart-wrenching 'Charlie, Come Back'".