Pryor Morning - Tanner Rose
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The Tale of Garl Hope - Stacey Logan
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Who Is This Boy? - Tanner Rose and Mark Jammal
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I Won't Ask - Tanner Rose and Mark Jammal
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I'll Take You In - Rachel Coloff
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Local Hero - Mark Jammal
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Pryor Morning:

Charlie Hope, our protagonist,sings of his need to get out of Pryor and to leave his painful past behind.

The Tale of Garl Hope:
Ida spins a tale about Charlie's father, that spins out of control.





Who Is This Boy?

Charlie and Dewar meet and start to discover one another.


I Won’t Ask:

Charlie and Dewar try as best they can to define their relationship.

I’ll Take You In:

Pauline assures Dewar that she will love him unconditionally.



Local Hero:

Dewar weighs his options.


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